Continuing a Legacy

Table Rock Vineyard rests
on a 180-acre, multigenerational ranch yielding fruit that echoes the strength and character of our ancestors.

This one-of-a-kind property is bordered by Upper Table Rock and the pristine Rogue River, offering expansive views of Lower Table Rock, Mt. McLoughlin, and the surrounding Rogue Valley hills and mountains. With a rich history dating back to the Oregon Trail and covered wagon days, the homestead's remarkable location and storied past make it truly unique.


At 1200’, tucked in at the base of a volcanic mesa, fed by the pristine waters from the Rogue River, sits our south facing vineyard.


With big swings in warm days and cool nights, combined with afternoon breezes, we have the perfect environment to ensure our grapes reach their full maturity.


Wadenswil loves the Sevenoaks Loamy Sand while the Mariafeld thrives in a blend of Sevenoaks Loamy Sand and Coker Clay. We monitor soil nutrients and feed when necessary to ensure ideal growing conditions.


Established in Switzerland, the Wadenswil (02A) and Mariafeld (123.1) grapes were selectively chosen for the vineyard. Wadenswil provides structure and tannins, while Mariafeld provides floral and spice.


Our wines strive to take your palette on a journey with elaborate aromas and a complex structure, yet smoothness from beginning to end.


We age our wines in oak barrels, blending new with old when desirable. We work closely with our winemaker to ensure the wine is full of refined texture and silkiness.

The History

The Dunn Family and
Table Rock Vineyard

Settling in the Rogue Valley
The Nealon family, ancestors of Michael Dunn, purchase several hundred acres of farmland along the Rogue River for $3,000 with both Upper and Lower Table Rock as its backdrop. Over time, the property was divided into smaller parcels for the ever-growing family.
Stone Ranch Home Built
The turn of the 20th century saw the construction of a beautiful stone home at the base of Upper Table Rock, showcasing impressive masonry intended to stand the test of time.
Construction of the Pole Barn
On the river side of the property stands a wooden pole barn with a large scale that was once used to house and feed livestock. In 2021, it was structurally reinforced to preserve the history while providing a safe storage space for our hay.
Second Stone House Built
The second stone house was constructed just a few hundred yards from the 1905 ranch home.
Dunn Wedding
Michael and Jennifer tie the knot!
40-acre Addition
With the goal of farming for generations to come, the Dunns begin their expansion of their family's property by purchasing 40 acres of farmland just steps from the existing 60 acre parcel along the Rogue River.
The Vineyard is Born
The infrastructure was built and 17 acres of Pinot Noir grapes were planted on what is now known as Table Rock Vineyard.
Dunn Wedding
Taylor and Megan dance the night away celebrating their marriage!
A Growing Property
The Dunn family's expansion of the ranch continues with the purchase of the vineyard, featuring the two historical stone homes on two separate tax lots. This puts the entire ranch at 180 acres total.
First Bottling
Harvested in the fall of 2021, Table Rock Vineyard's first Estate Pinot Noir is bottled!
The Sixth Generation
Taylor and Megan welcome the 6th generation to the property with the birth of their daughter, Josie.
Red, White & Rose
To elevate our selection of wine, our winemaker is crafting a White Pinot Noir as well as a Rose of Pinot Noir. These will be bottled in early 2024!
Since 1883

Family Owned and
Operated for Six Generations

Michael and Jennifer Dunn, as well as their son Taylor and his wife Megan, have committed to continuing the agricultural legacy their ancestors began in 1883. Together, they ensure the property produces and sells quality Pinot Noir grapes, grass hay, and alfalfa.

Michael Dunn

Jennifer Dunn

Taylor Dunn

Megan Dunn

Our Wines

Each sip of our
wine will take your palate on a journey.

Savor the intricate aromas and complex yet smooth structure that unfold from the first taste to the last. Table Rock Vineyard wine has a refined and silky texture that leaves you longing for more.


How's our wine? Let's hear from
the wine community.

To me this wine brims with soft notes of fresh earth, black-cherry, and harmonious flavors. I thought it had a nice balance & good depth and length. I really enjoyed this wine.

Bill Duffy Wine Enthusiast

Kudos and cheers to the Dunn family on the release of their inaugural 2021 Estate Table Rock Vineyard Pinot Noir! This exciting new wine is assertive but refined, with a long finish and tantalizing hints of more to come. For an elevated Rogue Valley wine experience, Table Rock Vineyard has emerged as a top contender!

Katherine Cowan Wine Enthusiast

From our family to yours, cheers!